Self Promotion

Promotion is essential in today’s social media marketing society, whether it be by word of mouth, through paid advertising or through other bloggers.  In Chapter 14 of Gillin’s book “Secrets of Social Media Marketing”, he discusses these points and more.

One of the main ways to self-promote is by blogging or working with established bloggers.  Gillin states,

Working with bloggers isn’t all that different from working with mainstream media, but there are some important distrinctions.  Prominent bloggers tend to be passionate about the topics they cover and their level of expertise often exceeds that of their professional reporters….bloggers are likely to be more resistant to PR pitches than journalists… they expect contact to be personalized and specific to their interests.  they may react badly if they believe they’re just a name on a list (p.240).

It seems the point Gillin is trying to make is broken down into modern-day terms on how to promote The Art of Shameless Self Promotion.   This blog really breaks down self-promotion into the simplest form and into easy steps.  Nathan Hangen, the author of this blog, helps readers develop their ideas and work to think outside the box when working with their ideas.  He stresses that no idea is a bad idea and that we should hang on to each one, even if we don’t revisit it for a long time.

I thought this topic was very interesting to learn about and it seems as though its widely discussed in online social media culture.  I will definitely plan on learning more about strategies to use in self-promoting, especially when starting a blog for my pet sitting.

I also found a helpful video.  Although it was humorous (due to being a bit cheesy), I thought the tips were helpful and simple to understand.


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